Friday 24 May, 2019

Video: Danielia McLean pampering kids with new salon concept

Danielia McLean is already making expansion plans for the kids’ salon.

Danielia McLean is already making expansion plans for the kids’ salon.

So positive has the reception been for Pickney Pampering after just three months that its founder, Danielia McLean is already making expansion plans for the kids’ salon.


Pickney Pampering offers haircare (cuts and styles) for boys and girls aged three to 16, as well as manicures and pedicures. It features a play and study area, equipped with a computer, printer and a child-care specialist and homework assistant. The salon also offers spa days and birthday parties that are planned and executed by McLean and her team.

McLean credits her positive feedback with the excellent service and concept she has been providing parents and children to date.

“I have customers from as far as Mandeville and St Mary. They don’t live in Kingston, but they come to my salon. That to me is a big deal,” McLean said.

“It sends a message. I am seeing where there is an opportunity for growth,” she added.

Video edited by Ramon Lindsay.

McLean first came up with the idea after seeing the need for a child-friendly salon in her area.

“Every single, Saturday morning I had to take my daughter to the salon, and my son to the barber. The styles were great, but I never thought it was an environment conducive to children,” McLean explained.

Located in Mall Plaza, Kingston, Pickney Pampering is beautifully adorned with bright colours, designs and artwork to capture the attention of young boys and girls.

McLean’s children, Naleighna-Kae and Kaaron-Marc played an integral role in the design and concept and are constantly keeping their business mom abreast with the latest kids’ trends.

But it’s not just the service that has made Pickney Pampering the talk of the town - it’s the months of planning by McLean, who spent 10 years as a marketing executive in corporate Jamaica.

“I had the idea for about 18 months before it came to life,” McLean said, noting that she carefully outlined the course she would take to officially launch the business.

Among the strategies she executed were social media and traditional marketing and a grand opening back in August, with a live radio broadcast hosted by the popular talk-show host, Miss Kitty.

“I knew that I needed to not just open my business, but to have an official launch for it,” McLean said.

She added: “I learned from the best - Digicel. I have to give credit to them, because everything I know about marketing that I have applied here, I learned while working there.”  

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