Friday 27 November, 2020

Video: Childhood friends creating buzz with peppery new sauce blends

Childhood friends, Drew Gray (left) and Matthew Wallace showcase Scotch Boyz sauces.

Childhood friends, Drew Gray (left) and Matthew Wallace showcase Scotch Boyz sauces.

Authentic Jamaican food, including locally-grown herbs and spices, is probably listed among the top five things that Jamaicans miss most about the island when they move abroad.

Westmoreland native, Drew Gray can certainly relate to this.

It was a desire to experience the same rich, flavours of Jamaican jerk  and scotch bonnet peppers  while studying in Canada that prompted Gray to begin bottling sauces crafted around his grandfather’s Portland recipe.

He later pitched the idea to begin making the sauces for the retail market to his friends -  the concept was immediately embraced by them, giving rise to the birth of Scotch Boyz.

Scotch Boyz is a local manufacturer of a line of sauces, including a Hot Pepper Sauce; Habanero Pepper Sauce; Fish and Meat Sauce; Scotch Bonnet Sauce and Jerk Sauce.

Check out the video edited by Richard Baker for more on Scotch Boyz.

The products are currently packaged and produced  in Westmoreland, with Scotch Boyz purchasing scotch bonnet peppers  from over 20 farmers across the island.

Scotch Boyz has in recent times secured placements in all HiLo Food Stores across the island, Loshusan, General Food; Fontana Pharmacy, boutique hotels such as Boardwalk Village, Travellers Beach Resort – both in Negril, and Coffee and Spice at the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

CEO, Matthew Wallace is looking to grow the company even further, with hopes of making Scotch Boyz a lifestyle brand.

“We are never going to just be limited to sauces,” Wallace told Young People in Business.

In the meantime, Scotch Boyz will continue to market the sauces locally, while looking to tap into North American markets.

Gray, of course, is already whipping up new blends, with plans to roll out a jerk paste soon.


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