Saturday 6 June, 2020

Video: Attention to detail the winning formula for young businessman

Brandon McKoy is the owner of retail stores Pinglinks and Everything Beach.

Brandon McKoy is the owner of retail stores Pinglinks and Everything Beach.

At first glance, Pinglinks Cellular may seem contained to a small space on South Avenue in Kingston.

But this cellphone retail outlet, owned by Brandon McKoy, works with over 100 merchants across the island, retailing Pinglinks-branded products.

“We do repairs, we sell phones we sell accessories, and all kinds of other tech gadgets,” McKoy said.

In addition to the main outlet on South Avenue, McKoy operates a smaller store on Molynes Road, called Pinglinks Express.

Pinglinks’ strong brand and network have come as a result of a strategy to continuously re-invest profits back into the business and maintain proper records.

“I keep proper records of every dollar that enters and leaves this business. That’s the strategy I have employed to make this business sustainable,” the managing director stated.

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Interestingly, McKoy began operating Pinglinks in 2011, during a time when the BlackBerry had become popular locally. Much of the entrepreneur’s products and services were developed with the BlackBerry in mind.

Fast-forward to 2019, Pinglinks continues to maintain its relevance in the local market, even without the Blackberry.

“When we drew the line and decided that Blackberry is no more, and everybody was moving on. I cleared out all the BB cases we had, and I ended up selling over 500 cases for $20,000. Retail price for those would have brought in between anywhere between $750,000 and $1 million,” McKoy shared.

“But you have to cut your loss to keep it moving,” Brandon told Young People in Business.

And so he did.

McKoy also later opened another retail store, Everything Beach.

McKoy in his Everything Beach store.

Everything Beach offers swimsuits for males and females in addition to a wide range of beach accessories.

McKoy established Everything Beach in 2017 after the landlord for his Pinglinks store offered him additional space when a tenant moved out of the complex.

“Persons kept on coming here [to Pinglinks] asking for the swimsuit store, and so I thought, why not open a swimsuit store,” McKoy reflected.

In addition to seeing demand for those products, McKoy figured that having got a good handle on running one business, he could operate another.

“I feel like I can open any retail store,” McKoy said. “But I won’t bite off more than I can chew,” noting that he will await the right opportunity to invest in other businesses.

In the meantime, he has put franchising Pinglinks and expanding Everything Beach, as part of his medium-term plans.








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