VIDEO: ‘I was praying for him, and didn’t know he died’ – Germaine Mason’s grandfather

The grandfather of late Jamaican athlete Germaine Mason said he was shocked at news that his grandson had died in a motorcycle accident early Thursday morning.

Eric Mason said he didn’t even know his grandson was in the island.

“I am sad, very sad. As a matter of fact, I didn’t realize that he was here,” the elder Mason told Loop News at his Harbour View home where family members had gathered after learning of Germaine’s death.

Eric Mason said he hadn’t seen Germaine in “a long time”, explaining that his grandson – who lived in the United Kingdom – usually stayed with friends in upper St Andrew whenever he visited the island.

 “He has friends, so they stay with each other from time to time,” he said. “You know young people don’t want to let you know everything that they are doing, so I just pray for them.

“Even this morning, I was praying” Eric Mason added. “I was praying without even knowing that this (the fatal accident) took place.”

Reports from the Harbour View Police are that about 4:20 am, Mason was driving a CBR motorcycle when he allegedly lost control and fell from the bike. The Police were summoned and Mason was taken to hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Watch Llewellyn Wynter's video interview with Eric Mason.