Sunday 29 March, 2020

Vendor charged for stealing colleague’s clothes at ‘Ray Ray’ Ground

It was the case of two missing barrels of clothes.

Two higglers who sell clothing at the ‘Ray Ray’ Ground are at loggerheads over two stolen barrels of clothes.

One of the vendors, Roselyn Grant, is accused of stealing from her fellow vendor who sells right beside her in the downtown, Kingston based business centre.

Brown pleaded not guilty to simple larceny when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on Friday, July 12.

The complainant called police after she saw a customer wearing one of the items of clothing she believed to be from her stock. She said the customer asked her if she liked the shirt she was wearing and upon realising that it was her goods she inquired where the woman bought and was told it was sold by Grant.

The complainant then went to Grant’s stall and saw a number of items that were kept in two barrels that she had left in a storage area at the market and demanded that they be returned.

Grant was arrested and charged with larceny.

She insisted that she was not guilty.

“I never thief them, Your Honour,” Grant told Senior Parish Judge Vaughn Smith, “I was sitting at my stall making a sale when a woman came with a suitcase and sell me the clothes. I buy them for $50 each.”

Grant told the court that a customer came to her stall and bought the shirt and that when things went awry.

“I never know it was her things,” she said.

But the complainant had another side to the story. She said herself and Grant both stored their goods in a storage area at the market and Grant stole the goods because she had access to the keys to the storage area.

“She and the lady who have the keys are tight. Because I did not take out the two barrels for three months they thought someone go to foreign and leave them. That is why they stole those two barrels. They do it all the time,” the woman said.

Judge Smith then asked the complainant the value of the goods she had lost and asked if she wanted compensation to which she replied that the stolen items were valued at $150,000.

The judge then gave the accused two options. Either repay the complainant or go to trial and risk being found guilty and sentenced.

She chose the latter.

But the complainant was not finished and asked to inform the court that she had been threatened.

“I have my two pickney dem living for Your Honour. She say if she pay me, me can’t sell downtown. Everywhere she see me is pure problem,” the woman said.

The matter will be mentioned on July 18 and Grant had her bail extended until that time.

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