Monday 13 July, 2020

Valentine's Day: Nine ways to show someone you love them

(Images: iStock/Loop)

(Images: iStock/Loop)

Love is in the air as we get ready to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Friday. Loop knows it's sometimes hard to think romance - especially on a budget - so we’ve come up with nine ways for you to show your partner how you feel.

Breakfast in bed

OK, a lazy lie-in isn't an option seeing as Valentine's Day falls on a Friday. But, you could still serve up a very early breakfast in bed for your partner, or surprise them with pastries – Eleni’s Bakery at Sovereign North Plaza has a wonderful selection, as does Sugar and Spice (at multiple locations) or the Devon House Bakery. Pour some coffee for your loved-one and enjoy a slow start to the day.


That special bouquet

Flowers are a classic Valentine’s gift so why not order a bouquet to be delivered, if you're feeling flush? Or put some special thought into it and pick your own bunch of wild flowers.

A romantic day out

Hope Gardens is blooming at the moment, making it the perfect place for a romantic stroll. Entry is free (it’s $200 to park). There’s also the zoo, where you could spend a blissed-out hour or two looking at the lions, bobcats and fabulous array of birdlife.


Sweets for your sweetie

Nothing says “I want to spoil you” like chocolates or dessert. Devon House in Kingston has two great options here, with its famed ice cream (27 flavours of goodness!) and the ever delicious Chocolate Dreams, which offers cakes and gourmet chocolates, plus some Valentine’s specials. There’s a lovely courtyard to sit in while you indulge.

Pretty words, from the heart (or the internet)

Roses are read, violets are blue, and websites can help if you don’t have a clue! A poem that you’ve written yourself can make a great Valentine’s gift. If you’re struggling to compose something, try Rhymezone - type in a word and the site will give you several others that rhyme with it. And if you need more inspiration, try BrainyQuote, where you can borrow romantic statements from famous poets, writers and even (oddly) Ashton Kutcher.

Candlelit dinner

There are tons of options if you want to wine and dine your love. In Kingston, there's Red Bones atop the R Hotel, the AC Mariott, the Pegasus, the Courtleigh, Broken Plate, Sora Japenese, the Porch, Terra Nova, the Spanish Court..... the list goes on. Or maybe pack a picnic and head to Emancipation Park for a romantic night under the stars.   


Head to the movies

For something simpler, and if you fancy holding hands over the popcorn, why not head to the cinema and sit back and relax to a new release.

Want to really splash out?

If you’re seeking a truly grand gesture, perhaps the luxurious spa at Strawberry Hill Hotel in the Blue Mountains? Think lush greenery, sumptuous views, and treatments fit for royalty.

But the tiniest gestures can be the best…

You forgot. You’ve got nothing planned and no gift. This is fixable. Maybe you could do a chore that your partner hates doing? Mend a shelf, or clean the bathroom. Or pick your moment, find a romantic song on your phone and play it, then ask your loved-one for a dance and say something nice. After all, despite all the hoopla, Valentine’s Day is not about spending power – it’s about celebrating the people we love.

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