Friday 5 June, 2020

UPDATE: Properties gutted by fiery, fatal vehicle crash in Manchester

More details are emerging about the Christmas Day motor vehicle crash that claimed the life of a man on the Content main Road in Manchester.

Reports reaching Loop News are that at least three other persons were also injured and a number of properties destroyed by fire in the incident that claimed the life of Dwayne Patterson.

Information gleaned from sources in the area are that about 2:30 p.m., Patterson and another man were speeding their motorcars along the main road when they lost control of their respective vehicles.

Reports are that Patterson’s car slammed into a building and burst into flames. He was burnt to death in the vehicle before he could escape.

The man in the other vehicle also ran off the road and into a house. He and another occupant of his vehicle managed to crawl to safety before their unit also caught fire.

Both buildings in which the respective cars crashed, along with an adjoining structure, were destroyed by the ensuing flames.

The two occupant of one car who were able to escape the blaze from their crash, were taken to hospital to be treatment for their injuries, which are believed to be serious.

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