Sunday 12 July, 2020

Two more motorcyclists die from all-bike crash in Westmoreland

File photo

File photo

Two motorcyclists died in Westmoreland on Saturday morning after their cycles collided on the Prospect main road in the parish.

Only a day before, another cyclist died from a collision in St Mary. 

But the Westmoreland crash has again brought into focus, the recent phenomenon of two motorbikes crashing head-on on a main road.

The two Westmoreland men have been identified as Tean Collin and Kerol Bernard, both 29, from Lincoln and Prospect districts, respectively.

Reports from the Frome police are that about 10:45 a.m., Collin was attempting to overtake a parked motor truck along the main road, when his bike collided with one being driven by Bernard in the opposite direction.

Both cyclists sustained serious injuries and were taken to hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

Police investigations continue into the incident.

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