Saturday 31 October, 2020

Two injured, one dead from gun attack involving bus in Newlands, Portmore

Aryton Nelson of Newlands was one of two men who were shot along the Newlands main road in the incident.

Police reported that Nelson was standing along the roadway with another man when men approached and opened fire, resulting in both men being injured. They were rushed to hospital, where Nelson was pronounced dead and the other man was admitted.

Another ‘casualty’ of the conflict was a Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus, which was shot up during the incident.

The bus was significantly damaged, but fortunately, neither the driver nor the passengers who were on board the Route 12 unit travelling between Naggos Head and downtown Kingston were hurt in the very frightening incident.

The bus was not a target, but it just happened to come around a shape bend at the precise moment the gun attack took place at the same location.

The development forced the JUTC to divert its units which normally traverse the Newlands corridor after the incident on Friday afternoon, with the company resuming service tentatively along the corridor in the evening and getting back into full service there since Saturday morning.

So far it is unclear what triggered the sudden attack on the two men, but police investigations continue into the matter.


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