Monday 15 July, 2019

TRUE LOVE: Despite naysayers, man sticks by his challenged soulmate

David Reid, with their son in arm, proudly looked on as his wife, Davianna, held centre-stage at a recent gospel concert in downtown Kingston.

David Reid, with their son in arm, proudly looked on as his wife, Davianna, held centre-stage at a recent gospel concert in downtown Kingston.

A development last week at a popular mall in St Andrew triggered a national debate on whether the decision by a female to turn down her boyfriend’s marriage proposed on the grounds that he did not have a car, a house or financial stability to take care of her, was reasonable.

The act by the female drew wide-scale condemnation in some quarters, from individuals who described her as being too materialistic.

The rejected public proposal scene recently, where the lack of a car, house and financially-secure deal ended in humiliation for 'Mr Romantic'. 

But she drew support from others who said the characteristics that were displayed by the female were reflective the evolution of the female gender, including the pivotal element of self-preservation.

Interestingly, following the much-talked-about incident, Loop News managed to locate a couple who, through their own struggles, has demonstrated a life that has not only provided a total contrast to the scenario at the mall, but has also given new meaning to the terms determination, loyalty and strength of purpose.

Below is the intriguing story:

Davianna Kaye-Reid has lost count of the number of times she has thought about giving up on life.

The 28-year-old wheelchair-bound university student and mother of one, however, believes that one of the main reasons that she has not decided to end it all, is  the fact that she has a strong personality and a never-say-die attitude.

But to top it all, she believes that God has placed a number of angels – many in the form of close relatives and associates - not only to watch over her, but to help her face many of the curve balls that life has thrown at her.

“When I sit back and look at my life, it is no secret that I have faced many challenges,” Kay-Reid told Loop News during a recent interview.

What sort of struggles, one may be tempted to ask?

Without batting an eyelid, Kaye-Reid told her story of how in 2007, she was involved in a nasty car crash that left her almost 90 per cent paralysed.

She said the incident happened when she was at a highpoint of her life, in sixth form and preparing to make the transition from an aspiring young girl to a blossoming young woman.

But it appeared that the cruel side of life had different plans for her.

Kaye-Reid said the crash was so severe that: “At one point, the only place that I could move was my face, all other parts of my body, from her neck down, were dead.”

She said at one point many persons who knew her, lost faith and even began resigning themselves to the thought that she would live the rest of her life in a close to vegetative state, and never be able to achieve the goals she had set for herself.

Kaye-Reid said it was at her lowest point in life when she at times felt like giving up, that God reached down and told her she was not alone.

Love and devotion

He even provided her with a soulmate in the form of David Reid, her boyfriend back then, who has stood by her side for over 15 years despite her physical circumstances, to the point where today they are happily married and the proud, parents of a son.

In the interview with Loop News, Mr Reid said many persons still question the union that he and his wife share. However, he said there is no doubt about who he wants to share the rest of his life with, and he has been convinced of this from the first time he saw Davianna Kaye.

To proclaim his never-ending love to his wife, Mr Reid has produced a song in which he made it clear that while some would question the fact that she is not able to walk, and see it as a challenge, he is of a totally opposite disposition, as he believes solid relationships should be made up with individuals who were willing to go the extra mile for each other.

“I want to be her soulmate, and if it’s the case where she cannot walk, then I will walk for her,” said Mr Reid in an interview after a gospel concert in downtown Kingston.

The Reid’s story is not only one of perseverance, but also one that might serve to put an end to much of the support that was given to the woman who rejected her boyfriend’s proposal at the popular mall in St Andrew because he did not have a house, a car and other material things.

Yes, true love may be lost amid much of the materialistic pursuits of partners these days, but there are still some ‘Mr and Mrs Reids’ around, who really know what true love and dedication are all about.

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