Tuesday 31 March, 2020

Trend Media CEO Aileen Corrigan talks better utilising the digital age

Trend Media CEO, Aileen Corrigan

Trend Media CEO, Aileen Corrigan

At the recently held United Nations World Tourism Organisation ( UNWTO) conference held in Montego Bay, Trend Media’s CEO Aileen Corrigan took time out to speak with Loop News about the technological/digital era and the utilisation of its applications.

She was part of a roundtable discussion entitled ‘,Smart Destinations Partnerships for Sustainable Tourism: Catalysts for Inclusive Growth and Job Creation’.  

Trend Media’s CEO made the point that rather than fear the technological era, people should focus on how best to utilize its applications.

She noted that many people have already embraced the digital paradigm  by using mobile phones and signing on to social media accounts and that we are in an epoch of evolution rather than revolution.

Corrigan stressed that the question should be how do we better engage people in a more two way conversation (peer to peer) to determine what they require. Underscoring her point she made reference to the use of technology in the tourism industry more specifically in reviewing and assessing hotels and other establishments.

She took  the opportunity to give an overview of Trend Media’s products and services, and how the company utilises data to better service its clients.

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