Wednesday 20 June, 2018

TRENCH TOWN ROCK: Nesbeth was in lecturing mood

The artiste was in a no-nonsense mood at the concert - held in honour of reggae icon Bob Marley, who lived in the community which has been credited with the birth of the genre - as he talked about various social ills, especially crime against women and children. 

He also spent some time to talk about the death of his wife, who passed away last year.

Nesbeth opened his set with Board House, after which he addressed the youths about crime and did Guns Out This Morning. Another round of advice would follow, then New Gangsta, which he did acapella, during which the crowd's cheers of approval caused him to stop and start from the beginning.

A song about giving thanks followed in which he praised his mother after which, he moved on to one about his wife, It Too Much.

He then told the crowd that his wife was very supportive and always told him to have a dream, after which he launched into his monster hit of 2015, My Dream, before leaving the stage.