Sunday 5 July, 2020

Trelawny cops arrest 5 men for gun ‘ditched during high-speed chase’

The Trelawny police have taken five men into custody in connection with the seizure of an illegal firearm on Saturday.

Two of the men are reportedly to be wanted for questioning by the police in St Elizabeth and Westmoreland, respectively.

Reports are that on Saturday, members of a police patrol team in Trelawny spotted a car with five men aboard travelling in Zion district in the parish.

The police signalled the driver of the car to stop, but the signal was disobeyed, resulting in a high-speed chase.

During the chase, the police reportedly noticed that an object was thrown from the vehicle, which turned out to be an illegal firearm when it was retrieved by the cops.

The police eventually apprehended the men after boxing in the vehicle they were travelling in.

The men were subsequently taken into custody and are expected to be charged shortly.

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