Thursday 9 July, 2020

Travel for 2020: Eight reasons to give yourself a break

Let's go places with these eight reasons to travel.

Let's go places with these eight reasons to travel.


Though we’re only three days into the new year, what better time than the present to consider travel?

Go see the Mayan Ruins in Mexico, travel to Vanuatu and rekindle a love lost; heck, maybe do an retreat in Bali, Indonesia for the sake of finding yourself – truth is, we all need methods of escape and repair.

It is necessary for our well-being to take some time off from our daily work-focused duties only to pay the bills at the end of the month. ’Tis time to rewind your clocks and shift focus to self.

Oftentimes the best way to achieve this is to soul search alone, but, if you’re in a relationship, taking your partner along for the ride is likely to bring you two closer.

Let's start 2020 off right with these nine reasons to travel now...

1 Travel is liberating: your days are often adventurous -- filled with places to go, people to meet, and a smorgasbord of exotic delicacies for you to indulge. More importantly, along the way you learn new things about yourself. Travel reconnects self.

2 You get to interact with different people and their varying points of views just by sitting on the plane or walking through the airport. Don't worry about getting the "best seat", just be in the moment and courteous. It doesn't hurt.

3 Everyone appreciates a good IG story and shared experiences, your followers will love to know why you've been MIA.

4 The old adage is true. Time wasted can never be regained, but with travel, leisure, and time to self, one can definitely feel better about time wasted.

5 Hello, travel discounts! We can’t guarantee airline ticket discounts, but even if you plan your trip properly, you can definitely score discounts at boutiques, restaurants, museums, and gift shops with apps like Groupon, Hopper, and Once your itinerary is set, then you can start packing.

6 Travel resets your youth clock. For sure travel can be a workout, anything that involves exploration is guaranteed to set you back a few pounds – ergo comfy shoes are a MUST! But, the best parts of travel is feeding the brain with new information, getting a workout from the tours/excursions, and for many, that burst of energy that keeps them going.

7 Most people wait until that now-or-never moment in their life to toss insecurities out the window and go forth with their sometimes decade-long plans to see the world. The time is always now!

8 You get to experience unfamiliar territories, culture and social norms that you wouldn't necessarily experience from home.

9 You get a break from the office. Let’s face it, the routine gets boring and cliché, and you don't need that kind of energy for 2020.

Truth is, Loop Lifestyle could provide 12 reasons for every month or 366 reasons for each day of 2020 that you should consider travelling, and you wouldn’t act on the advice unless you’re “ready”. If you find yourself thinking “this doesn’t even apply to me”, ask yourself “Well, do I need a break?” and the question may just answer itself.

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