Monday 13 July, 2020

Traffic boss issues ultimatum to stunting motorist on video

A screen grab from a video of the stuntman at play.

A screen grab from a video of the stuntman at play.

Police are still searching for the driver who was seen in a social media video performing a daring and dangerous stunt at a busy Corporate Area intersection.

New head of the Public Safety & Traffic Enforcement Branch, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bishop Gary Welsh told Loop News in an interview on Monday that police have so far tracked down information regarding the vehicle, and a person who is suspected to be the owner of the vehicle has been identified.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Bishop Gary Welsh.

The police made the revelation a day after they issued a call for the driver to turn in himself to the authorities for questioning.

And as the police continue to gather more information relative to the case, sources are claiming that the driver was a popular sporting figure.

The police neither confirmed nor denied knowledge of those reports.

ACP Welsh, however, said with the 4 p.m. Monday deadline almost passed, he was making his last call for the motorists to come in to talk to the police.

He warned that if the call is ignored, the full force of the law will be applied when the individual is caught.

The ACP noted that as a minister of religion, his approach if the motorist comes in voluntarily would be more focused on using the situation to have a conversation with the individual, and to use the opportunity to inform other members of the public why such actions are dangerous.

“There are several police officers who have an interest in this matter. I have asked them to allow me to take the lead, but for a short time, because as you know, I am first and foremost a minister of religion, so I am approaching this with mercy, I am approaching this to use this as a teaching moment,” said the ACP.


Bishop Welsh warned that such a stance would not last forever.

He said if the individual comes in, that is the approach he will be taking.

But he warned that if the motorist does not take up the offer, he will be taking a strict approach, which will involve laying multiple charges against the motorists.

A video of the stunt was circulating on Twitter, and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) responded on Saturday after a user of the social media platform brought it to the police’s attention by tagging the force.

In the 21-second video, the motorcar can be seen spinning wildly in the intersection and nearly colliding with an oncoming van.  Only the sheer experience and composure of the van driver seemingly prevented the collision.

The car continues to be spun in the intersection, generating huge rings of smoke from its burning tyres, before it was finally driven from the scene.

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