Saturday 28 March, 2020

Town Clerk urges greater focus on protecting the nation’s children

Town Clerk Robert Hill lays a wreath at the Secret Gardens in downtown, Kingston on Sunday.

Town Clerk Robert Hill lays a wreath at the Secret Gardens in downtown, Kingston on Sunday.

The Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) Town Clerk, Robert Hill has issued a call for Jamaicans to do more to protect the most vulnerable in the society, the children.

Speaking at the KSAMC’s Child Month Wreath-laying Ceremony on Sunday, Hill said with widespread attacks against the nation’s children, he felt it was important for all adults to play a greater role in protecting the country’s greatest treasure.

The wreath-laying ceremony was held at the Secret Gardens monument in downtown Kingston.

The monument that was erected in 2008, bears the name of children who have been killed across the island under tragic circumstances since 2004.

Hill said despite the sombre nature of the occasion, he wanted to encourage children, especially junior councillors who are future leaders of the country, to pursue their goals to the limit, and not to become distracted by societal ills, but to continue striving for excellence and be the ones to correct these issues. 

“As a parent, I firmly agree that the life of every child that is snuffed out not only robs their parents and loved ones, but it robs the nation of untapped and immeasurable potential,” said Hill.

“We cannot continue to live this way, and the names inscribed on this monument are a testament to that,” said Hill.

He went further to implore “all adults to protect the greatest treasures we have - our children. Let us continue to encourage, enable and include them in positive and uplifting things that will redound to the advancement of our nation,” said Hill.

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