Thursday 2 April, 2020

Total Jamaica’s La Croissanterie delights service station customers

WHETHER it’s breakfast, lunch, a late night out on the town or a weekend drive to the countryside, Total Jamaica service stations’ latest food offerings at its Bonjour Cafés have gone international to the food capital of the world. Where else but Paris, France?

Total Jamaica’s La Croissanterie, now open at its Ironshore, Montego Bay, service station and four St Andrew locations – Liguanea, Manor Park,  Washington Boulevard and New Kingston – has literally been on the tongues of Jamaican food lovers.

Karen Mignott, shop, foods and services manager, Total Jamaica, was gushing at the response of Jamaicans to the internationally acclaimed La Croissanterie franchise.

“The La Croissanterie menu of French croissants, sandwiches and other pastries have been exciting additions,” said Mignott, adding that the response from customers have been great.

“We have been getting feedback from a wide cross section. Parents have told us that their children are in love with the pastry. The adults have been enjoying our healthy sandwiches, especially the tuna. The variety appeals to every taste – pies, custards, cookies, muffins and donuts.”

Total La Croissanterie

Mignott pointed out that croissants and baguettes are baked in front of customers and sandwiches made from scratch, especially at La Croissanterie’s TweaT section where mouthwatering chicken favourites such as croissandwiches, wraps, nuggets, tenders, fries and wings with exotic dips await the most discerning palates.

She explained that La Croissanterie first opened in 1977 as a bakery in Paris, France, before evolving and spreading its delight through top-end restaurants all over Europe.

Recognising La Croissantrie’s international culinary appeal, Total S.A. added the franchise to its Bonjour Cafés throughout Europe and French-speaking Africa with Jamaica becoming the first country in the English-speaking Caribbean to savour the delight.

Jamaica, of course, had to ‘Jamaicanise’ the menu a bit, serving Jablum coffee, which blends with the aroma of freshly baked croissants.

To ensure the franchise standards are maintained, Total Jamaica has to literally stick to the book,” explained Sandra Tentet, a La Croissanterie specialist, who oversees and trains staff worldwide.

“There are daily checklists, representing the respective processes and recipes. We have several training manuals dealing with everything, from hygiene to merchandising.

“It is important to have the same merchandising and practices everywhere, whether Jamaica or Paris. We must respect the La Croissanterie brand and concept. Everything is the same. That’s very important. The customer must see the quality of the product, the La Croissanterie experience,” the Frenchwoman pointed out.

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