Thursday 13 December, 2018

Tony Rebel sets the tone early with solid set at Rebel Salute

Tony Rebel performs alongside Marcia Griffiths at Rebel Salute on Saturday morning. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

Tony Rebel performs alongside Marcia Griffiths at Rebel Salute on Saturday morning. (PHOTOS: Marlon Reid)

Tony Rebel commanded the crowd and had them cheering throughout his entire performance on the first night of his show, Rebel Salute, on Friday at Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Priory, St Ann.

The veteran entertainer showed class while performing songs from his vast catalogue, in muddy conditions caused by afternoon rain.

After capturing the attention of the crowd, he made them erupt in ecstatic joy when he sang 'Man Fi Know Jah', and lifted the temperature up a notch with 'Sweet Jamaica'. He brought them further glee with 'Teach The Children'.

King Sounds

Tony Rebel then gave the audience a piece of his 1990s friend, Garnet Silk's 'Splashing Dashing' before 'Chatty Chatty' and brought on Swade to do 'Just Friends'. 'Fresh Vegetable' would follow and on the same rhythm, Rebel gave the crowd 'Trying To Get To You'.

Marcia Griffiths joined him on stage and sang 'Land of Love' with Tony Rebel providing backing vocals.

He used the platform to also condemn rampant crime in Jamaica with a speech, during which he told the audience that it is not nice when fools have guns, as everybody has to be afraid.

He also advised the gunmen that "since unuh suh blood thirsty, weh mek unuh nuh kill unuh self den," before launching into 'Jah Is By My Side'.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness shares a laugh with a patron.

Before that, Big Youth and King Sounds made impressions among those who had ventured early on the first night of the show, as the roots reggae performers aroused the gathering with their short but enticing performances.

Big Youth did only four songs, with the crowd favourite being 'Every Nigger Is A Star' but he also got a good response for all the others to set the tone for the big hitters later in the night.

He was followed by King Sounds, who opened with the ever popular 'Book of Rules' that had the thousands who came early for the show cheering loudly for the veteran entertainer.

While King Sounds’ act tapered off, he still had enough steam to keep the audience captivated by his performance, as they showed appreciation to the other songs, with 'I Shall Be Released', of the lot, getting the loudest applause and ending his time on stage.

Mighty Mystic, the brother of Prime Minister Andrew Holness, delivered an energetic performance with his Holness watching alongside Cabinet members Olivia Grange ans Shahine Robinson.

Before that, Anthony Cruz brought the crowd to 'Half Way Tree' and they enjoyed it, as KukuDoo gave the crowd some revival with his catchy and energetic songs. Daville got some response with his mega-hit 'Always On My Mind' .

Version also stirred some feelings in the crowd with his short act, while Chevaughn, who performed while the audience was still settling, found the early setting a little hard to get a response.

Rebel Salute 2018

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