Thursday 26 November, 2020

Tomlinson backs Hanna for PNP president; says she will get job done

President of the People’s National Party Youth Organization (PNPYO), Krystal Tomlinson, is supporting Lisa Hanna to become party president.

In a lengthy voice recording on Saturday, Tomlinson said she knew for sure that Hanna would "get the job done even under pressure.”

Hanna is set to face Mark Golding in the PNP presidential election on November 7.

The YO president said that she believed "resolutely" that both candidates are eminently qualified and will be unwaveringly dedicated to the PNP and the cause of uplifting the people of Jamaica, she could can only support one. 

"A neutral position in politics is untenable as the only things that belong in the middle of the road are white lines and roadkill," she shared. 

Amid criticisms from mainly supporters of Golding that Hanna won the PNP bastion of South East St Ann by 31 votes in the September General Elections, Tomlinson argued that she got the job done in securing the seat for the party.

"The debate about a margin cannot obscure the fact (that) the job was done," she asserted.

"Under pressure in her seat, with every reason to batten down and work exclusively in her constituency, I saw her (Hanna) commit time to walk with new candidates, helping to drum up support across the island where possible," Tomlinson further revealed. 

She also reminded that while Hanna was "under pressure" in her seat, she chose to play a lead role in the PNP's national campaign as a spokesperson and invested personal resources into the central campaign to aid branding and visibility for candidates.

Meanwhile, Tomlinson, who is a former candidate for West Rural St Andrew, said she has seen Hanna weather many storms in her personal, professional, political and parental life.

"... and at every juncture, she has emerged with a tall spine, steady hand and firm voice. That is what leadership requires," she argued.

"I've seen her engaged in uncomfortable conversations about her life and personal decisions and displayed grace, respect and love in every instance. That is what leadership requires.

"I’ve seen her own her mistakes, apologise for errors made along her 13-year journey as a public servant, and commit sincerely to renewal. That is what leadership requires," she continued.


But while Tomlinson has signalled her support for Hanna, other members of the PNPYO executive are backing Golding.

Among them are: Dexroy Martin, PNPYO General Secretary; Kino Cummings, Vice-President of the PNPYO; Akeem Dobson, Vice-President PNPYO; and Shari-Ann Henry, PNPYO treasurer.

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