Wednesday 12 August, 2020

Tilibop fights racism and the system with 'All That'



Reggae artiste Tilibop is getting a huge buzz from the lead single, 'All That', from his upcoming album. The song, released at the height of the public unrest sparked by the Black Lives Matter movement, has immediately caught the attention of the reggae listening public. 

"The song makes people feel empowered, the words are impactful and the melody is light and airy. People tell me that the song gives them hope and inspiration through the pandemic, the racism, the police brutality, the degradation of the black race, it makes them feel we can overcome 'All That'," Tilibop, whose real name is Marvin Amos, said. 

Tilibop wrote the 'All That' song in 2017, but pre-released the single on Jamaican radio about a month ago and immediately got a major buzz. The song will be officially released on July 23rd, the birthday of H.I.M Haile Selassie, on the Freeworll label via all digital download platforms.  

'All That' features Tilibop's signature light airy vocals which help to craft a commercial sound that makes his debut 11-track album, 'I Am Reggae', such a pleasurable listen. The video was released last week. 

"The 'All That' video premiered on HYPE, RE and World a Reggae and my phones have just blown up. The song is playing on HITZ, ZIP, IRIE, I am getting a lot of love all over, from the Caribbean, Africa, the feedback has been tremendous. Everyone loves the imagery of the video with the smoke which signifies the tear gas and fight for freedom of the Black Lives Matter Movement," Tilibop said. 

Other standout songs from the album include 'Pirate', 'Psalms', and 'Promise'.

Coming from humble beginnings, Tilibop had an appreciation for music as a young child from St Mary who grew up amidst the turmoil in the streets of August Town. He attended Mona High school where he began to impress his peers with his vocal skills. He migrated to the USA in 2016 where he continued to fine-tune his craft.   

He continued to write his songs and then he crafted a new sound which he is ready to unleash on the world. 

"I am ready now, I had to shed a lot of negative energy to get here and be one with my spirit, but the journey led me to this moment," he said. 

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