Sunday 8 December, 2019

Three Jamaicans sentenced in Cayman for big ganja bust

File photo

File photo

Three Jamaicans who were caught offloading more than 400 pounds of ganja at a beach in the Cayman Islands last September, were on Monday sentenced to prison terms of between two and a half and three years.

They are Linton Pillarchie of St Elizabeth, and Eyon Johnson and Cephas Reynolds, both from Westmoreland. 

The men had pleaded guilty before to importing 438 pounds of ganja into the Cayman Islands on the night of September 28, 2017.

The prosecution said two officers were on patrol in the vicinity of San Sebastian when they saw the men removing packages from a canoe onto the shore.

The officers called for assistance and the men ran off in different directions. However, a police helicopter did surveillance in the area and other officers secured the packages.

The boat reportedly contained food, men's clothing, a handheld GPS and six 55-gallon drums of fuel.

The three Jamaicans were later found, arrested and charged.

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