Saturday 30 May, 2020

Three homes firebombed in Maverley

Police are searching for a group of men who early Monday firebombed three houses in Maverley, St Andrew.

Reports are that at about 1:00 am, men went to sections of Reapers Road and Fenbrook Crescent and firebombed the houses.

There have been no reports of injury in the incident but the attack has left residents on edge.

"There needs to be constant police presence in the community; it appears criminals are playing cat and mouse as soon as the police leave they return," one resident told Loop News.

Another resident called for the return of a police post in the community.

"Right now we don't think the authorities are doing enough to clamp down on this ongoing fued," a woman said, adding that "It apppears is only the business people getting pressured; every night we are told to close down early but we not hearing of the violence producers coming under pressure." 

In August, three women were shot, one fatally, by gunmen in the area.

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