Monday 17 February, 2020

Thieves plague Waterloo area in St Andrew

A band of thieving hoodlums have been wreaking havoc in communities along Upper Waterloo Avenue in St Andrew, in close proximity to the Grants Pen Police Station.

Residents complain that they have made numerous reports about a series of home invasions, car break-ins, car stealing and other property crimes - but the perpetrators are making their lives a living hell.

Loop News understands that the crooks have targeted a particular gated community in the area for their special brand of punishment.

That community is reportedly mostly populated by females so the brazen criminals invade and try to intimidate the females into submission.

 "We were given a break after a man was arrested after he was caught inside one of the apartments which he had robbed at least three times. He was sent to prison but he is now back in the streets after serving six months. Our hell has resumed," one upset resident told Loop News.

That particular man is suspected of leading his band of social deviants on several brazen break-ins inside the complex.

No one is exempt.

The residents have had to reinforce their homes with burglar bars inside their doors and outside their windows.

They all claim the leader of the criminal gang is well known to them as he was once a resident there and has been breaking into their homes since he was a minor.

 "He was once severely beaten by a male resident whose equipment he stole and sold cheaply. He has stolen televisions and anything he thinks he can sell. He knows the complex like the back of his hand and now how to get inside the homes. He has removed door jams and has been caught many times. The police know who he is," another resident said.

The thieves are said to hang out in the gully close to the MegaMart supermarket along Waterloo Road and have also targeted several homes on the side roads leading off Waterloo Avenue and also residences at Old Church Road in the community of Drumblair.

The Grants Pen Police have confirmed that they have received at least one recent report of a break in at a complex in the last week.


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