Wednesday 19 February, 2020

Test your knowledge of Jamaica with this Independence Day quiz

You may be Jamaican, but how well do you know your island? This Independence Day, the most patriotic of holidays, we are allowing you to test your knowledge on your country. Take the trivia below and then check out the answers in the gallery.


1. On what day is Jamaican Independence observed each year?

a. The first Monday of August

b. August 6 (or, in case August 6 falls on a Sunday, then the following Monday)

c. August 7

d. Government decides on a date each year


2. Who represented The Queen at Jamaica’s Independence celebrations in 1962?

a. Princess Margaret

b. Governor General, Sir Kenneth Blackburne

c. Prince Philip

d. No one, Queen Elizabeth II was present at the celebration


3. Who is Jamaica’s first National Hero?

a. Nanny of the Maroons

b. Alexander Bustamante

c. Marcus Garvey

d. Bob Marley


4. Which National Hero was the leader of a widespread slave rebellion?

a. Nanny of the Maroons

b. Paul Bogle

c. Sam Sharpe

d. Marcus Garvey


5. Who was Jamaica’s first Prime Minister?

a. Norman Manley

b. Alexander Bustamante

c. Michael Manley

d. Donald Sangster


6. Which one of the following is not a code for use of the Jamaican Flag?

a. The Jamaican flag should never be allowed to touch the ground or floor.

b. The flag should never be smaller than any other flag flown at the same time.

c. When the flag becomes worn and must be replaced, it should be burnt

d. All of the above are codes for use of the Jamaican flag.


7. What is Jamaica’s National Fruit?

a. Ackee

b. Mango

c. Pineapple

d. Jamaica does not have a National Fruit


8. What is the National Bird?

a. John Crow

b. ‘Doctor Bird’

c. Yellow-billed Parrot

d. Chicken


9. Bob Marley was born in…

a. Morant Bay, St Thomas

b. Trench Town, Kingston

c. Nine Mile, St Ann

d. Oracabessa, St Mary


10. What was the capital city of Jamaica immediately before Kingston became capital in 1872?

a. Montego Bay

b. Seville

c. Port Royal

d. Spanish Town


11. Where in Jamaica was infamously known as the ‘wickedest city on Earth’?

a. Tivoli Gardens

b. De La Vega City

c. Port Royal

d. Cherry Gardens


12. Who are believed to be the original inhabitants of Jamaica?

a. The Spanish

b. Tainos

c. Caribs

d. Africans



13. Which parish is known as the “bread basket parish”?

a. St Ann

b. St James

c. St Elizabeth

d. St Mary


14. Who was the first sitting US president to visit Jamaica?

a. Jimmy Carter

b. John F Kennedy

c. Ronald Reagan

d. Barack Obama


15. Who was the first Jamaican to win the Miss World contest?

a. Cindy Breakspeare

b. Lisa Hanna

c. Carole Joan Crawford

d. Yendi Phillipps


16. Who won the first Festival Song Competition in 1966?

a. Eric Donaldson – ‘Cherry Oh Baby’

b. The Maytals – ‘Bam Bam’

c. The Jamaicans – ‘Ba Ba Boom’

d. Roy Rayon – ‘Give Thanks and Praises’


17. Who scored Jamaica’s first ever goal in a FIFA World Cup Finals?

a. Walter Boyd

b. Robbie Earle

c. Theodore Whitmore

d. Deon Burton


18. Who was the first Jamaican woman to win an Olympic Gold medal?

a. Merlene Ottey

b. Grace Jackson

c. Veronica Campbell Brown

d. Deon Hemmings


19. Who won the first Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album?

a. Shabba Ranks – ‘As Raw As Ever’

b. Black Uhuru – ‘Anthem’

c. Bob Marley – ‘Legend’

d. Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers – ‘Conscious Party’


20. What high school did Usain Bolt attend?

a. Kingston College

b. Calabar

c. William Knibb

d. Munro


Independence 55 Trivia



18 to 20: Tru' Yaadie - Nuh body caan't test

15 to 17: Yah gwaan good - Yuh know nuff! 

10 to 14: Yuh do alrite - Yuh can pass

5 to 9:  Yuh need some work

0 to 5: Guh read ah book!





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