Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Tensions over recent double murders of women in Spanish Town area

File photo

File photo

Residents in sections of Spanish Town and surrounding areas of St Catherine are again calling on the police to increase their presence following the latest sets of attacks on the community, especially women, over the last two weeks.

The residents cited that in little over eight days, four women were murdered in two separate attacks. But despite the unusual killings, they have not been seeing any additional systems being put in place to offer public reassurance.

“Right now people in fear. In less than two weeks, two double murder with females and we nuh hear no alarm raise. That nuh sound good,” said a woman who spoke to Loop News in a hushed tone.

Others had more or less to say, but all with the fear factor heavily indexed in their minds.

The latest killings took place on Sunday, with two women who sources said were believed to be mother and daughter, being the victims.

The deceased in that case were identified as 37-year-old Winsome Williams and a 23-year-old Daniella Carnegie, otherwise called ‘Bun’, who sources claimed to have been her daughter.

The police said while they received information about the family connection of the two murder victims, they are yet to confirm the claim.

Reports are that about 9pm, the two were at home in Eltham, Spanish Town, when a group of men went to the premises and opened gunfire, hitting them both several times.

The police were called and the two victims were rushed to hospital, where they were pronounced dead.

The killings left residents in the area on edge.

The Sunday before, the bodies of two other women were found at a premises on Bonanza Crescent on the outskirts of Spanish Town.

The deceased in that attack were identified as 28-year-old Alexine Rodney, otherwise called ‘Shasha’, from Bonanza Crescent, and the other only as ‘Aleeyah’.

Reports are that the decomposing body of the two were found with gunshot wounds and their throats slashed.

The Spanish Town police reported that last Sunday afternoon, residents living in the community reportedly smelt a foul odour coming from the premises, and went to investigate.

Upon carrying out a search of the house, they stumbled upon the decomposing bodies of the women, along with a toddler who was alive and had been unattended to for an estimated two days.

The residents summoned the police.

On the arrival of the police, the scene was processed and the bodies removed to the morgue, and the child was taken into state care for immediate medical treatment.

There are no indications that the two sets of double murder against women were linked, but the unusual attacks have definitely created high tensions in Spanish Town and its environs.

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