Thursday 26 November, 2020

Tell us more… Samantha Black

Fashion designer Samantha Black tells us more. (Photos: via Instagram/@samanthablacknyc)

Fashion designer Samantha Black tells us more. (Photos: via Instagram/@samanthablacknyc)

Samantha Black, more popularly known by the moniker Sammy B, is a first-generation Jamaican fashion designer living in the US.

Fans of the fashion design competition Project Runway would recognise her from season 11 or her return in Project Runway All Stars season four.

In recent times, her ‘Jamaica’ Tee was worn by Molly from HBO’s Insecure, and her pieces are loved by ‘Queen B’ herself, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Issa Rae, Fantasia, and countless others.

Samantha Black in pictures...

Loop Lifestyle caught up with the LA-based, New Yorker while in the middle of production for her latest collection.

Meet the owner/designer of the label SammyB, most recognised for ‘pieces that woman can wear that give a boom all while having a level of comfort’.

What's your connection to The Rock?

Both my parents are Jamaican. I’m Jamaican [born] in the USA.

What's your favourite thing to do while in Ja?

The beach and eat.

How often do you visit The Rock?

I try to go every year, and if I can, more.

Of all the places you've visited. What sets Jamaica apart?

I’ve been to many places and many islands. Not one compares to Jamaica. The culture, the food!!!!!

Most importantly the people. Jamaicans just have a ’ting ’bout them.

Have you purchased/received anything from Jamaica that you absolutely cherish?

My parents!

What are your thoughts on Jamaican…

Food: It’s my all-time favourite.

Culture: It’s what I know, it’s what I’m raised on.

Fashion: It’s what allows me to be carefree when playing with colour and risqué details.

Music: Dancehall, my favourite genre.

Tell us about your life in Jamaica and how it has tempered your sensibilities.

I haven’t lived full time in Jamaica, I’ve received it second-hand as even in the USA I’d walk into a Jamaican house growing up.

My dos and don’ts, what’s acceptable from [what’s] not, never really looked like everyone around me.

What has life in LA taught you?

That I’m a true New Yorker lol

Where's your favourite place to grab a cup of coffee?

My home. I prefer making my own coffee in the mornings, and I use Bustelo coffee or Blue Mountain Coffee when I have it.

What are three things on your reference/mood board?

Dancehall queens, NYC ’90s fashion, African art 

Which three designers have inspired you the most and why?

Alexander McQueen; his sense of detail is amazing

Versace, their sexy, bold in-your-face designs are everything since forever.

Dapper Dan. I remember being a child and going with my parents to pick up custom pieces from him, I understood it was stand out pieces that were a limited luxury.

What are you most inspired by this season?

That fact that absolutely anything goes but for real this time. With a pandemic. Rules are thrown alllll the way out.

List three collections/designer pieces from SS21 that live rent-free in your head.

SammyB! SammyB! SammyB!

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