Thursday 26 November, 2020

Tech firm appoints Tyrone Wilson as new chairman

Tyrone Wilson boasts a 12-year career in the creative and cultural industries.

Tyrone Wilson boasts a 12-year career in the creative and cultural industries.

Local tech and software development firm Mobile Edge Solutions Limited has appointed Tyrone Wilson as its new chairman.

The strategic move comes during the company’s massive expansion to meet their current and new clients’ urgent need to introduce e-commerce in an attempt to mitigate unprecedented losses in sales caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

The appointment became effective August 1, 2020, making the seasoned digital media executive, who is also one of the company’s original shareholders, the second to serve in the role. 

Having previously functioned as a director too, Wilson succeeds United Kingdom-based tech and telecommunications entrepreneur Neil Patrick, who vacated the post and now sits on the board after leading the company in the local digital space for over four years.

Leighton Campbell, Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Edge Solutions who manages its day-to-day operations, said, “We wanted to make a shift in our corporate image and utilise one of our local directors who has the corporate representation that is necessary. But more so, with Tyrone at

the helm and with him being an innovator like myself, we’re definitely expecting this engagement to be a gamechanger in positioning ourselves as a pioneer of innovations in the digital space. We’re also looking at far more collaborations between Mobile Edge and his company iCreate too.”

Boasting a 12-year career in the creative and cultural industries, Wilson is currently the founder and president of iCreate Institute, which touts a partnership with the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean in delivering courses in animation, video production and digital marketing, among others.

Driving Business

Mobile Edge’s easy-to-use web and mobile app development solutions are designed to efficiently drive business for clients to result in increased target market sales conversions; optimised and automated 24/7 customer communication; and remote or increased access to products and services. 

Dubbing themselves the ‘E-Commerce Innovators’, the four-year-old company formerly known as Coretalk Caribbean has recently been leading the charge in Jamaican e-commerce.

They are currently the only Caribbean company boasting a unique partnership with San Francisco-based online payment processing tech company Stripe to support their online platforms.

Wilson said, “The digital, e-commerce and automation space is now in the spotlight due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Things happened so quickly. I would go as far as saying that 90 per cent of businesses were not prepared for a pandemic such as this, which at the core of it is a digital revolution. I think Mobile Edge is well-positioned to help not just small businesses, but big businesses in transitioning into this new era because I don’t see Jamaica and the world going back to where we were prior.”



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