Friday 7 August, 2020

Teachers accept Gov't wage offer

JTA president, Georgia Waugh Richards

JTA president, Georgia Waugh Richards

After months of posturing, the Jamaica Teachers Association (JTA) has voted to accept the Government’s wage offer of 16 per cent over four years, the same that was offered to other public servants.

The General Council of the JTA voted on Friday to accept the offer.

The JTA has indicated that it voted yes as there were improvements in the non-wage aspects of the offer. It did not provide details.

The JTA, which represents more than 23,000 public school teachers, was one of the more vocal unions negotiating on behalf of public sector workers.  When the Government insisted it could not offer more than 16 per cent over four years, the JTA upped the ante in March as teachers staged three days of protest action in the form of a sick-out, severely disrupting the public school system.

The Government has insisted that due to stipulations by the international Monetary Fund it is not in a position to offer public sector employees more.

The island’s nurses and police are yet to accept the administration’s offer.

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