Monday 20 May, 2019

Suspects held for big Western Union heist in downtown Kingston

The police are now questioning two persons in connection with Monday night’s costly break-in at the Kings Street branch of Western Union in downtown Kingston.

Close to $11 million in cash was reportedly stolen from the premises in the heist.

 “Two suspects were picked up a day after the incident, and at this time they are being questioned,” a detective from the Central Police Station told Loop News.

The police said it is believed that more than two persons were involved in the underground operation.

Investigators said they are still trying to establish the full amount of money that was stolen, but sources close to the incident cited the approximate figure of $11 million.

Reports are that on Monday evening, officials at the money transfer institution closed the doors to the location and left for the day, following which the criminals carried out their attack.

Police said they were called to the location the following morning after the funds were discovered missing.

On Tuesday when a Loop News team visited the branch, security personnel were seen turning away customers from the location, telling them that it was closed for the day.

The Central police are investigating the incident.

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