Tuesday 21 January, 2020

Suspected serial robber collared by cops in downtown Kingston

The police say they have apprehended a man who they suspect has been behind a string of sometimes violent robberies, including at least 20 within the last month in downtown Kingston.

“Based on our investigations, we believe this man committed more than 20 robberies over the last four weeks,” a police source told Loop News.

The man was apprehended during an operation in downtown Kingston last Friday, just minutes after he allegedly slashed a woman on her hand, grabbed her bag and was attempting to make his escape.

Reports are that a group of plainclothes police officers were close to the scene and heard when the woman began screaming for help.

Police said the officers chased the suspect and apprehended him.

“He is now in custody and we are calling on anyone who may have fallen victim to robberies (in downtown Kingston) in recent months to come to the Darling Street Police Station to make a report,” said an investigating officer who has been looking at several of the past crimes that the man is suspected to have committed.

“We believe this man has been a mastermind behind a number of the robberies taking place in downtown (Kingston), and we want members of the public to come and tell us what they know,” said the officer.

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