Monday 13 July, 2020

Supplement public sector budgets by tapping into resources – JBDC CEO

JBDC CEO, Valerie Veira.

JBDC CEO, Valerie Veira.

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) has launched a new initiative aimed at training decision makers in the art of resource mobilization to supplement their budgets and achieve their targets.

The Resource Mobilization for Public Sector Strategists workshop takes place at the Hotel Four Seasons in Kingston on July 26 – 28, 2018 under the theme: “Maximize Connections for Growth.”

“The lack of sufficient funding for the implementation of programmes remains a major challenge for some public sector entities. In worst case scenarios, it means that some initiatives remain as mere plans, never seeing the light of the day and it can be daunting. We are positing that public entities not roll over and play dead, as this is not good for development but supplement their budgets by tapping into resources,” said JBDC CEO, Valerie Veira.

She said the JBDC made an art of resource mobilization both internally and externally, which translates into millions of dollars in value used to implement major projects and programmes including the Mobile Business Clinic, Small Business Expo & Conference, among others.

Coordinator of the workshop and Manager of the JBDC’s Project Management and Research Department, Lisa Taylor-Stone says resource mobilization replaces traditional ‘fundraising’, going beyond money to include human resources, goods and services.

“It demands that strategists get out of their comfort zone of seeking ‘donors’ and focusing on ‘partners’ to a greater extent and accessing the immense value to be obtained from equal  partnerships and strategic alliances between resource providers and programme implementers. ‘How we do it’, has been one of JBDC’s best kept secrets but as a business development agency, we want our counterparts to start seeing their entities as businesses and move towards a new way of development to achieve the common goal of growth,” Taylor-Stone explained.

Taylor-Stone says participants will leave with strengthened capacity to identify and engage potential resource providers, strategies to boost internal resources towards promoting organizational success and programme sustainability and a robust Resource Mobilization Plan (RMP).

Since 2013, the JBDC’s Project Management and Research Department has successfully trained close to 300 HR practitioners, middle managers and industry practitioners in applied research methods, trained over 500 persons in proposal writing and staged Jamaica's inaugural Employee Engagement Conference attended by over 300 leaders and decision-makers, according to Taylor-Stone.

Participants in the division’s most successful initiative: Tapping into Donor Funds Proposal Writing Workshop® have accessed $177 million in grant funding.

“We boast satisfaction rates between 95 per cent and 98 per cent for our workshops and we guarantee that the Resource Mobilization workshop will be no less. No money, no problem,” she said.

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