Wednesday 19 February, 2020

Sumfest revellers 'Drink Right'

The 'greatest reggae show on earth', Reggae Sumfest is in full swing. And amidst the rounds of cold beers and drink mixes that are being served at shows and parties, event sponsor Red Stripe has been amplifying its Drink Right campaign, advocating for responsible consumption of alcohol.

Upon entering the venue, patrons are being greeted by Drink Right ambassadors who perform ID checks and place a special armband on persons who are 18 and older. This is an indicator to bar servers that only these persons are to be served alcohol.

“One of the pillars of the Drink Right campaign is to discourage underage drinking and educate persons of its dangers. This system will ensure that persons of all ages can best enjoy the festival in a safe way,” offered Tyheissa Williams, Red Stripe Communications and Sustainability Executive.

To cater to persons throughout performances as the night goes on, Red Stripe has been providing a refresh station where patrons can enjoy water, soup and other hot beverages. This refresh station is part of a strategic partnership with Pepsi Cola JA and Grace Foods.

“We appreciate Red Stripe’s responsible drinking initiative of encouraging people to not go over the limit. We are concerned about safety and health and so it was important for us to partner with them to promote these values at Sumfest. Persons can enjoy our ‘Crystal Punch’ brand of water to space their alcohol beverages and stay hydrated throughout the event,” said Elizabeth Swaby, Pepsi Carbonated Beverages Brand Manager.

A similar sentiment was shared by the team at Grace Foods who will has been providing patrons with chicken and pumpkin soup at the refresh station.

In speaking on the partnership, Ricardo Smith, Channel Programmes and Promotions Manager of Grace Foods and Services noted, “Aligning with Red Stripe means there will be good music, good vibes and responsible drinking. Like Red Stripe, we have our consumers’ best interest as a top priority and so it is important to encourage them to be mindful of their alcohol consumption so they can enjoy all the performances. This is why we have decided to offer our delicious soups in the Drink Right refresh bar.”

He continued, “If persons want more to eat, they are welcome to enjoy delectable meals at the Grace Kitchen Café.”

Drink Right is the brewing giant’s robust responsible drinking programme that often partners with key stakeholders and other corporate entities in an effort to encourage persons to actively take a more responsible approach to consuming alcohol products so they can lead more fulfilling lives.

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