Sunday 31 May, 2020

Stylysh makes unorthodox pregnancy announcement on Instagram

Dancehall artiste Stylysh is pregnant, and expecting the birth of her first child, a daughter within the next few weeks.

She is presently in the United States and posted a photo of herself almost completely vulnerable on a beach, and mountainously pregnant.  

“I posted the photo because I want to remember this journey and be an inspiration to other females in the industry who have chosen certain careers and find that once they get pregnant, that beautiful event only tarnishes or puts a damper on their careers. This will let them know that life continues, celebrate life, have kids and do what you love," she said.

She uploaded the photo on her Instagram page on Friday, September 16, with the caption: "Well everyone been wondering.... So here goes I've been so selfish and excited at the same time shifting all my focus on this wonderful feeling inside me since this journey i learn to appreciate women even more, we are truly super heroes and God made us special enjoy and create the life you want to live don't look to the left or right. Look forward, be thankful and smile a lot #happyfriday #awaitingmybabygirl #maternityjourney #happyus #godisinthemidstofus.”

The picture racked up over 500 likes and several fans sent their hearty congratulations.

"It's a girl, Sahanna, Indian word, which means harmony and patience. I will have baby in a couple of weeks, I don't want everyone to know how many months (laughing), oonu too fass," she said, giggling.

She refused to name the father of her child, but revealed that the pictures were taken on a private beach by a photographer who she trusted completely.

"It was very professional and tasteful," she said.

In the meantime, Stylysh is gearing up to release new singles such as 'Wine So' as well as a dancehall collaboration with Cobra.

"I am coming back with a bang!" she promised.

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