Thursday 18 July, 2019

Style Week 2018: Fashion the French way

A model walks down the catwalk at the French Elan event during Style Week. (PHOTOs: Shawn Barnes)

A model walks down the catwalk at the French Elan event during Style Week. (PHOTOs: Shawn Barnes)

Haute couture was presented in an elegant ambiance at the mansion of the French Embassy in Jamaica on Thursday evening, as Saint International joined the French diplomats to showcase top designers for an appreciative audience at French Elan, the second event an the Style Week calendar.

The selected crème de la crème came from all aspects of Jamaican society, mixed with diplomats from other Embassies as well as dignitaries.

French designer Kevin O’Brien, with Ambassador Jean-Michael Despax and wife Line watching, highlighted the evening’s presentations, with his collection that was seductively risqué, with laces being the main theme.

Style Week French Elan

O’Brien, using an intriguing music selection during his collection, started off with black and white plaid cut intricately and moved along to sheer and laces, that held the audience’s gaze throughout.

Local design fashion outfit Heather Lane, through designers Sharon Peart-Neita and Zoe Summers, also had a women’s collection on display with white, red, black and metallic black being the colours of choice.

Dexter Huxtable meanwhile treated men to his cutting-edge collection for which he used different cuts to accentuate the various mix and blend of colours.

The evening’s guests sang praises for the designers and organisers, with Nickel Rhoden, Gina Mair and Jamaica’s film commissioner Renee Robinson expressing delight about what transpired over the course of the evening.

Rhoden-Haynes said, “it was good. I saw a really good collection. I enjoyed the show and I am interested in the pieces that I saw on the runway. There were a lot of elements that were involved in the collections. There were just different layers of it – the plaids, prints and the textures. I didn’t mind it at all, it was good. I enjoyed the presentation. It was well put together.”

Mair added, “I thought it was very innovative and creative. It was really nice to see someone pushing the boundaries of fashion in Jamaica.”

Robinson said she thought the show was well produced.

“It was a pleasure to be here. It was really nice to see a lot of the fashion, the colours, the fabrics and the combinations,” she told Loop News.

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