Thursday 24 September, 2020

Stinging response from police federation to latest cop killing

Corporal Arleen McBean

Corporal Arleen McBean

The Jamaica Police Federation has condemned the brutal murder of Constable Rohan Bucknor of the Westmoreland Police Division on Sunday, and the continued criminal attacks on the citizens of the nation.

Constable Bucknor was shot dead at a barber shop in Petersfield at about 9:45 p.m. on Sunday.

In a statement on the implications of the latest cop killing locally, Chairman of the police federation, Corporal Arleen McBean, said: ”The citizens of Jamaica must now accept that there is a calculated attack on law and order within our society, where scant regard is (being) shown for human life, and where criminals believe that they can (successfully) carry out brazen attacks on members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the citizenry of Jamaica.

“It must be noted and realised that we are now policing a country of grave uncertainty, with extraordinary high levels of first world criminal activities in a third world environment, which has never been seen before.”

She said while there are laws that have been enacted to curb deviant and uncouth behaviour, cowardly criminals should at all times be prepared to face harsher penalties for their continued atrocities.

She also posited that protection must never be given to those persons in our society who continue to create mayhem and rob families of their loved ones on a daily basis.

Corporal McBean also bemoaned what she described as “the deafening silence of some individuals and groups within the society whenever members of the Jamaica Constabulary Force are killed,” stating that “We believe that the continued silence weakens the possibility of greater partnership to stem the upsurge of crime and violence in Jamaica.”

The federation said it is pleading with its membership to remain resolute but calm and tactful in the face of “scorn, danger, ridicule and imminent threat”.

It urged the police personnel to continue to embrace their oath of office, and advised that “even as we mourn the loss of another colleague at the hands of cowardly criminals,” the members should remember that while self-preservation is key, they should “continue giving professional and unwavering service to the citizens of Jamaica”.

New at the helm of the federation and the first female to occupy the position, McBean said: “The protection of life and property and the reassurance of the populace of Jamaica will be the pronounced hallmark of the rank and file members who will continue to show respect and uphold the rights of all, even those who seek to derail our efforts.”

However, she concluded by stating that “we will not be intimidated or dispirited in the execution of our duties”.

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