Saturday 19 September, 2020

Steps to keep movin’: Fitness after lockdown

A Jamaica Moves participants kept  movin' at a recent fitness session at the Emancipation Park in Kingston. (Photos: Contributed)

A Jamaica Moves participants kept movin' at a recent fitness session at the Emancipation Park in Kingston. (Photos: Contributed)

So much has changed since the lockdown earlier this year.

From online deejay clashes and fetes to virtual doctor’s visits, a shift in the way we operate/conduct business, new protocol guidelines, the introduction of personal protective equipment on a larger scale, the list goes on.

Jamaicans’ innate ability to manoeuvre difficult times is both inspiring and impressive.

Many have adapted for the sake of ‘keep going’, while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy – as many versions as normalcy has morphed in for us all.

But a major change for many Jamaicans has been their health and fitness journeys.

Many people may have indulged more than usual, cut-back, or even halted their exercise regimes.

This has left many in a fitness slump; how could anyone ‘relax’ with the lingering threat of a pandemic?

Jamaica Moves Get Moving Home Workout Series instructor Neisha-Yen Jones endorses dance as movement and exercise.

She encourages: ‘Be fun with it. Everything in life is fun. It's all about perspective.’

We can all benefit from three simple approaches to fitness after lockdown.

Be your own hero

To be a hero for yourself is to recognise where you are currently, and start from there.

Keep in mind that all our health and fitness needs are different; a great place to start is getting a physical check-up to better understand your needs.

For account executive Davida-Mae Chambers, being your own hero involves recognising where you are currently and starting there.

‘Everyone has different health and fitness needs, especially right now so it’s important to keep that in mind,’ she told Loop Lifestyle.

But no matter what, start, restart or continue the journey. You are responsible for your health so stop, take a check and keep movin’.

Keep adapting

If we learned nothing else this year, many learned how to adapt and ‘make do’.

Now more than ever, when it comes to fitness, keep an open mind and use those unconventional methods to stay in shape.

If the gyms are still closed, pull up an online workout video and follow along, step by step.

And, when it boils down to dietary needs, consult a dietician, create a checklist with the essentials (tailored for you) and ensure you have everything on the list.

Some of the healthy foods you enjoy may be in short supply while others are in abundance, adjust accordingly.

Just remember, whatever you choose, ensure fruits, vegetables and water are a part of your daily meal plans.

Most importantly, be patient with yourself.

2020 has brought health and wellness into sharp focus, reminding many Jamaicans that they need to stay on top of their game.

But, even in that process, it’s important to relax because stress and anxiety can manifest physically in unwanted ways.

Fitness and health is not a race, it’s a journey with curves and obstacles many don’t see coming.

So, go at it full force. Face fitness after this lockdown: take stock of where you are, make the necessary adjustments.

Remember, your journey is yours, don’t compare it to anyone else’s routine and keep movin’.

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