Monday 15 October, 2018

St Lucia police investigating viral teen torture video

FILE - St Lucia’s Acting Commissioner of Police, Milton Desir.

FILE - St Lucia’s Acting Commissioner of Police, Milton Desir.

St Lucia’s Acting Commissioner of Police, Milton Desir, confirmed to reporters Tuesday that the police have launched an investigation into viral videos that appear to show a St. Lucian youth being tortured by people speaking a foreign language.

Commissioner Desir said the police department began looking into the matter after two females, said to be sisters to the teenager, filed a police report indicating that the tortured person was their brother.

Loop News has learned that the teenager is 18 years of age and is from the community of Desruisseaux, Micoud.

“On Thursday 20 July, sometime in the evening, two females who claimed they were the sisters of the individual in the video indicated that he had gone to Trinidad and Tobago. They knew he was at work in Trinidad and Tobago and that they received this video indicating he was kidnapped in Venezuela and that the kidnappers were demanding some money for his release,’ Desir said.

The acting Police Commissioner said he could not attest to the authenticity of the videos, which showed the young man in various hanging positions being beaten and stabbed with high-powered firearms aimed at his head held by men with their faces unseen, speaking French and Spanish.

One video showed the teenager on the ground with a bloodied t-shirt on, looking lifeless, while one man aimed a high-powered rifle at his head and another held a chainsaw by his neck.

In one of the videos, the teenager is heard stating: “Mommy, tell Shawn pay the people for me, please. Mommy, mommy the people will kill me. Mommy the people will cut my head off. I do not want to die up here. Mommy, tell Shawn give me my life back.”

According to Desir, the sisters spoke of their brother being kidnapped and in Venezuela and that his kidnappers were demanding money for his release, an amount he cannot reveal at this time.

Desir also could not say in which country the videos were made but said the sisters were certain the young man in the video was their brother.

“In matters like this we would go through our Ministry of External Affairs which would assist us in the course of investigations into this matter,” Desir said.

He reiterated that the matter is under investigation by his department.