Sunday 29 March, 2020

St James man charged in connection with Westmoreland quadruple murder

The police have charged a St James man with the murders of four persons whose charred remains were discovered in Westmoreland in November.

The accused has been identified as Ryan Lettman, of an Upper King Street, Montego Bay address.

Reports are that on Friday, November 24, fire fighters were summoned to put out a blaze at a house in Brighton, Westmoreland.

After putting out the blaze the charred remains of Swedish national Suzan Clarke, 48, her husband, 32-year-old Alwin Clarke, also called Ziggy; his brother 30-year-old Derron Walters: and 31-one-year old Wayne Thompson, also called Bruckie were found in the house.

It was subsequently discovered that the four were shot and then set ablaze by their attackers.

 Meanwhile, Lettman was pointed out in an identification parade earlier this week.

He is booked to appear in the Westmoreland Parish Court next week. 


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