Saturday 26 May, 2018

St Catherine teachers gifted by Jamaica Broilers

 A total of 550 St Catherine teachers received gift packages from Jamaica Broilers Group.

A total of 550 St Catherine teachers received gift packages from Jamaica Broilers Group.

The Jamaica Broilers Group (JBG) more than tripled the number of teachers who received gifts from the group’s various brands on Teacher’s Day.

A total of 550 St Catherine teachers received gift packages from the company over two days - beginning last Tuesday and culminating Wednesday (May 10) on Teachers’ Day.

In addition to the gift giving, staff from the JBG and the Best Dressed Chicken (BDC) also got involved in ‘Read Across Jamaica’ activities at the Old Harbour Bay Primary School and Bethel Baptist Children's Centre.

Jamaica Broilers said it introduced the new gift presentation to honour all the teachers at the selected schools, particularly in the larger schools.

For instance, Old Harbour High has 133 teachers and in the past JBG has only been able to fete a small per cent of their number.

“But, this year, we were excited to meet new faces and to share hugs and blessings as we handed over the gifts to show our appreciation for the work the teachers do to mould young lives for the future,” said Danah Cameron, Group PR & Training Officer at the JBG.

“A large percentage of our staff and contracted workers are from areas around the JBG’s facilities and they play a big role in the success of our operations.  In fact, we have found that there is no shortage of skill and talent coming out of St. Catherine. So we have great admiration and respect for the teachers who have facilitated their education and want to show them how much we care,” Cameron continued.

JBG team members who attended schools in the area were excited to hand out gifts to their former teachers.

BDC promoters Danielle Lue and Amanda Foote from Freetown Primary and Innswood High respectively, led the way in offering hugs and baskets to teachers who were  happy to be reunited with their past students.

A number of the teachers expressed appreciation for the gifts:

"It's not the baskets that will stay with us, but your act of kindness." - Ms. Daulia Scarlett, White Marl Primary.

 "Mi neighba, mi fren dem... Mi tank unu!" - Miss Marcia Hines, Principal, McCook's Primary.

 "Because of the distance and the bad roads, nobody comes to visit us up here... Thank you for coming." -  Morrett Weir, Principal, Planters Hall

 "Jamaica Broilers Group always looks out for us." - Miss Lathoma Thomas, Senior Teacher, Good Hope Primary

 "Everybody gets something... nobody gets left out." - Miss Barbara Graham, Vice   Principal, Old Harbour High