Wednesday 24 April, 2019

St Catherine High students face expulsion for sex talk challenge

The St Catherine High School board will meet on Friday to decide the fate of a group of students who were suspended after they were caught on video in their school uniform participating in a raunchy social media game.

Dubbed the “For the D” and “For the P” challenge, the game involves participants verbally expressing the extent to which they would go for sex.

A video showing 10 St Catherine students participating in the challenge surfaced on social media earlier this week and has been widely circulated, triggering outrage among many Jamaicans appalled at the lewdness of the minors.

St Catherine High principal, Marlon Campbell told Loop News that the students were given a five-day suspension after school officials saw the video on Monday. He said a report was made to the school chairman and a board meeting has been scheduled for Friday afternoon to decide the fate of the students.

“Once the board is involved, they (the students) can be expelled because it comes down to a vote,” Campbell said.

“The rules of the institution are clear - the children can be expelled once they bring the school into disrepute and this is what has happened in this case,” he told Loop News.

St Catherine High, a school which was attended by both Prime Minister Andrew Holness and his wife, Member of Parliament Juliet Holness, has faced flak since the emergence of the video. However, Campbell noted that the school teaches their children the fine tenets on how to carry themselves and, with regards to vulgarity, make it not be a part of how they operate.

“Students have been affected by a multiplicity of factors such as community, social media et al… which force them to move away from what is normal,” Campbell said.

“However, the school teaches them that they are responsible as children for anything that they do,” he continued, adding “I say to Jamaica that we have taught our students well and from time to time we will give reminders on notice boards.”

He said the “hurtful part” is that the other students at the school have been negatively affected by the actions of a few.

“We have 2,500 students and we can’t say who will go astray and that is the hurtful part because people are judging the other students,” Campbell said.

“What we saw is a group of misguided students who tried to replicate the challenge and tried to emulate the things on social media. It is so wrong and should not have happened in the first place and I will be the first person to chide them,” he said.

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