Tuesday 4 August, 2020

St Bess men escape prison time for jungle justice on child molester

Although having taken the law into their own hands, two St Elizabeth men were spared prison sentences and fined $75,000 each for attacking a child molester in the community of Lititz in 2013.

The convicted men, Roger Gillings and Evon Dent, were found guilty of unlawful wounding in the St Elizabeth Circuit Court earlier this year.

The men were found not guilty of the more serious charge of wounding with intent, for which they were initially indicted.

On Friday, High Court Judge, Justice Chester Stamp, fined Gillings and Dent $75,000 each, with a one-year prison term as an alternative.

Allegations are that on September 10, 2013, Gillings and Dent confronted a man who had been alleged to have molested a female child from the Lititz area.

The alleged molester was attacked by Gillings, who used a machete to slap him over his back, while Dent, in joining the act, used a piece of board to hit him.

Prosecutors led evidence through testimony from the complainant that Dent used a piece of electrical cord to tie him around his hands, feet and neck.

The alleged molester was then transported by the men to a shop in another section of the community, where Gillings continued to beat him with the machete and then sent out shock waves in pulling down the man’s trousers in an attempt to castrate him.

However, a resident of the area intervened and the police were alerted of the developments.

Following an investigation, Gillings and Bent were arrested and charged.

Meanwhile, the molester, whose identity was withheld in court, is currently serving a 13-year prison sentence after being convicted in 2016 for buggery and sexual touching of the female child, the act for which the jungle justice was applied to him.

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