Monday 15 July, 2019

St Andrew South police discover hit list with several cops’ names

File photo

File photo

Law enforcement officers operating in the Hunts Bay area and the wider St Andrew South Police Division are on extra alert since getting information that members of a criminal gang have reportedly placed several officers from the Hunts Bay Police Station on a hit list.

The police said they gathered the information about the planned hits following a raid that was carried out in sections of the division on Tuesday.

Reports reaching Loop News are that the police picked up two men in one of the inner-city communities within the division, and the men were taken to the Hunts Bay station.

During a search of their persons, cell phones and other devices were removed.

During checks of the phones, detectives reportedly found a WhatsApp chat group with the names and photographs of five police officers on a hit list.

Police sources told Loop News that in the same message, a man, who law enforcers said is a person of interest, was noted in the text informing persons in the chat group that he was willing to take on the ‘job’.

Head of the division, Superintendent Gary Francis, has since confirmed the reports.

The police said they have gathered the available information and have since launched a search for the parties who they believe are involved in the scheme.

The police said they are taking the information very seriously, as persons in the chat group are known violence producers, who are believed to be part of a well-organised criminal gang.

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