Thursday 26 November, 2020

Sprinter now on Netflix USA and major streaming platforms

A scene from Sprinter, the movie directed by Storm Saulter. Sprinter is now available to millions around the world on major streaming platforms and Netflix USA.

A scene from Sprinter, the movie directed by Storm Saulter. Sprinter is now available to millions around the world on major streaming platforms and Netflix USA.

Sprinter, the award-winning Storm Saulter film, is now available to millions across the world.

The film debuted on Netflix on Thursday night for audiences in the United States and is available to be bought or rented by the global community on Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play Store and Xbox.

“I feel blessed to know the film is accessible by hundreds of millions, an achievement I am proud of for my crew and cast and I am excited to see how larger audiences react,” Saulter told Loop.

Sprinter features, among others, Jamaican actors Kadeem Wilson and Shantol Jackson with a cameo from Usain Bolt.

Since its release in 2018, Sprinter has been shown at festivals all over the world, garnering awards including the Audience Award, Best Director and Grand Jury Prize at the American Black Film Festival, Jury Prize at the Pan African Film Festival and New Visions Award at the Bahamas Film Festival.

The global distribution via major streaming platforms is a major achievement for a Caribbean film. It is not the first time, however, that one of Saulter’s movies is on Netflix. His 2011 film Better Must Come was on limited release on the popular platform.

Saulter praised his team for the work they did to attract investors and score global distribution. On his end, he explained, it was ensuring the script was solid and getting the best editing possible.

He did not have to do any revisions to the script or reshoot any scenes to prepare the film for distribution.

“We didn’t put the film out until I was happy with it to be honest. This is the same movie we launched, we didn’t have to edit anything, the film got a stamp of approval straight out the gates,” he said.

Sprinter, playing on Jamaica’s prowess in track and field, is essentially a sports film that explores themes such as immigration, coming of age, parenting and masculinity among others.

Creating thematically universal content is key to the success of the Caribbean film industry, said Saulter.

“We need to get that success from the point of writing, we need to master our writing and our scripts and ensure we are finding ways to make our unique cultures and worlds translate in a specific way. You have to execute it in a way that you can understand it thematically. Family, separation, speed, a coming of age, those are themes that can translate to a global audience,” he said.

Saulter said he is seeing an interest in what the Caribbean has to offer.

He said: “The Caribbean is always interesting and sexy and people that are in culture and entertainment know there is a vibe. They know it is sexy but they don’t really understand so now is the time for Caribbean story tellers to tell the story. Sprinter is a part of that movement to show what we can make and diversity is of utmost importance now, people are accustomed to seeing films from all over the place, it is a brave, new world and we need to help define it.”

Not resting on his laurels, Saulter is busy working on his next projects, a dramatic series based on Sprinter and an adaptation of the book John Crow’s Devil by Jamaican author Marlon James.

Sprinter was executive produced by Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith through their Overbrook Entertainment Production Company and Richard Jefferson.

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