Thursday 2 July, 2020

Someone saw something, insists top cop about teacher’s death

Samuel Martin

Samuel Martin

Somebody saw something.

That is the primary belief of investigators searching for clues from the macabre crime scene involving lecturer Samuel Martin, whose body was found in a section of Juno Gully, a community close to the Rio Minho in May Pen, Clarendon, on Thursday.

"We are asking the citizens to assist us with more information, and we are asking the good people of Juno (Crescent) who saw or heard something, to come forward," Senior Superintendent of Police, Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, head of the Clarendon police, told Loop News reporter Claude Mills.

Juno Gully is a typical neighbourhood in May Pen that is within throwing distance of the Rio Minho. However, over the years, there have been some incidents of misadventure there, as it is believed that some decidedly criminal elements have creeped into the neighbourhood.

"Persons saw and heard what happened. We are asking them to come forward, be a good citizen and provide necessary, crucial and relevant information. Another citizen has been brutally killed. People need to understand how important it is to have a zero-tolerance approach to criminality, and speak out and assist the police so we can bring people before the court," SSP Cameron-Powell pleaded.

Martin, a teacher, went missing on Good Friday. The police were alerted by security company King Alarm after the panic button in Martin's vehicle was pressed. The car was found in a section of Juno Gully later that night.

The six-day search for Martin ended in a bone-chilling climax when his body was discovered by a police search party on Thursday.

The perpetrators of the gruesome act reportedly poured gasoline over the body, presumably to mask the stench of the decomposing body from the police or others in search of the missing man.

Despite the lack of a breakthrough so far, the police are still aggressively pursuing leads into the murder.

"We have no new information as yet. We have to wait on the post-mortem to have a positive identification of the body, and to find out the manner of his death as it relates to his wounds, that is, if it's a stabbing or it's a gunshot wound," Cameron-Powell said.

It is believed that persons in the area had information which could have assisted the police in locating Martin from as early as Saturday.

"The wickedness has to stop. People need to change. The police found the car without the owner, and we pursued the owner. The body was found 300 metres from the car, with its hands and feet bound. We are not seeing anything associated with a robbery, so we need information," the parish commander insisted.

In the meantime, checks with Martin's guardian, Reverend Raymond Coke, did not unveil any new development, as the reverend seemed to still be shell-shocked at the brutal nature of the murder.

When Loop News contacted him after several attempts to his phone, he handed the instrument to someone else in the home, who informed the reporter that, "Reverend Coke cannot speak at this time. We appreciate the condolences, but he just cannot speak (now)."

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