Wednesday 21 August, 2019

Singjay sings about murder of mom by ex-con 'killer deacon'

Danvil 'Flingy' Heron

Danvil 'Flingy' Heron

Dancehall singjay Danvil 'Flingy' Heron wants tougher criminal sentences for convicts who commit acts of a particularly violent and gruesome nature. 

He knows more than most, having lost his mother in an act of unspeakable violence when Linton Stephenson, aka Jawbone, killed the singjay's mother, Claudette Nelson, 42, in 2006.  The sentence was later reduced to manslaughter.

Heron was 17 years old at the time. 

"Stephenson should never have come a road, the man kill my mother and come a road and kill another woman not long after. Him was a mad violent man, somebody should have seen that. But the system failed that young lady 'cause the wicked way him kill mi mother, the sentence should not have been reduced to manslaughter because him get 15, spend less than 10 and come out and commit murder again," he said. 

Linton Stephenson

Stephenson was sentenced in 2007, and spent time at the Tamarind Farm Prison in St Catherine before he was released on parole in 2016. The slated parole period was from September 16, 2016 to September 30, 2018.

Police reports are that, during a domestic dispute almost 13 years ago, Stephenson used a machete to inflict several wounds all over Nelson's body, dug out her eyes, cut out her private part, and removed her intestines.

"It was gruesome, they didn't find piece of my mom till after the funeral, some of her parts were in a fridge, he did her worse than the lady who he put in the cooler," Flingy said. 

Stephenson, who after his release became a deacon in a church, is believed to have committed suicide after murdering young Khyhymn Campbell and leaving her body in a cooler on the Winston Jones highway in Manchester last August. That murder shocked the nation as the police say the body was nude and had what appeared to be cuts to the back and front of the neck and face. The throat had also been slashed, the police said at the time. 

Khyhymn Campbell

"Stephenson was a violent man, he rushed me and tried to kill me about one year before he killed my mom. I left his house in St. Mary and went to sleep in the market in Kingston the way mi fear him. Him kill her one year later and him kill her gruesome," he said. 

The singjay has had a rough life as his father was riding a bicycle when he was hit and killed by a bus in Portmore one year before his mom's death. Then his house burned down not long after his mother's death, and the combination of all these incidents triggered a nervous breakdown i his elder brother. 

"All these things went into my song, 'Things Weh Mi Face inna Life'. When I wrote that song and recorded it, mi cry all the way through it when I got the call and headed back to Spalding to see my brother and the house that burned down. But the song is real, that's why it get a forward any event mi perform it," he said. 

The 'Things Weh Mi Face' song was produced by popular selector Fire Wayne and officially released last year. 

Heron, 29, grew up in the town of Alston, Clarendon, Jamaica where he attended the Baillieston Primary school, and then the Alston High school in the parish.

"I was left devastated by these tragic incidents, and even though I had always been doing music since I was 13yrs old. Music gave me hope and inspiration, it made me feel alive and positive, it helped to maintain my sanity through all the rough times in my life. This remains true to this day.

He has done work for Cashflow Production, and producer Fire Wayne. He is also set to release a cultural single titled “No More Guns”, produced by 'Danger' on the Grab Dem Records label. 

"I see myself as a motivation to other persons, who might be going through hardships and trials in life. I want people to know my story and use it as an inspiration. I want them to understand that turning to violence is not the answer, but instead that they should channel their energy into productive endeavours," he said. 

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