Monday 18 June, 2018

Shock and grief after Ocho Rios mechanic killed in car crash

Family and friends have been left in state of shock and grief following a motor-vehicle accident on the Milford main road in St Ann that claimed the life of a popular Ocho Rios mechanic on Easter Sunday.

The deceased man has been identified as 27-year-old Andre Ducasse of Eltham in Ocho Rios, St Ann. 

Ducasse, who was also known as 'Billy' or 'Kill Bill' - was also a popular figure on the car racing scene in the parish. 

Reports from the Ocho Rios police are that at about 9:35 a.m., Ducasse was driving his Honda Civic along the Milford main road with a passenger on board, when he lost control of the vehicle. 

The car then reportedly drove on to the embankment and crashed into an Almond Tree on the left of the road.

The police were summoned and Ducasse was reportedly cut from the vehicle and taken to the hospital. However, he was later pronounced dead. 

Police say that the passenger, who was in the car, was treated and released from hospital.

In the meantime, family and friends took to social media site, Facebook to express their shock and reflect on how Andre Ducasse impacted their life.

Ducasse's sister, Chelsea Ducasse posted on her Facebook page: "My big brother that I love so much my only brother RIP See u soon." 

Demarco SwitchedOut Campbell posted on Ducasse's timeline: "Breda only the lord knows  why this did afi happen but we are not satisfy with it at all .

I personally don't believe that you’re gone but if you really are......I just beg God for your soul rest in peace bro gone way too soon. Never a dull moment with you billy ever a smile. jah know."

"Me give you the name kill Bill an youth you give me the first car a Vernam Fi go race. U never diss me. So much time spent together wish I could do it again. Fi see u gone in front me eye. Me try wake u cause me never see u a sleep so long,R.I.P”, Orane Chip Out Campbell posted.

Another friend, Yeonique Imani Smith wrote: "U know how it hurt bro to hear ur mom scream n cry for u to see u wrap up in a white clat I swear y u I cry n scream til I weak. Whose hair I gonna play in now n say bwoy U can't comb ur hair. Bro this no real..... U say war a park later Andre Ducasse I will see u there bro."

“Lastnite a the last time me c you bro!!!! An we a plan to go bike show 2:00 sharp today, and you didn't made it to see the clock strike 2:00. Bro your memory will never fade I can swear on that!!!! You create HISTORY in our CAR LIFE!!!!!" Oshane Flava Reid shared on Facebook.

Several others have posted several tributes on Ducasse's Facebook page expressing their condolensces to family members.

FEATURED IMAGE - Andre Ducasse, the mechanic killed in a fatal crash on Sunday in Milford in Ocho Rios.

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