Wednesday 5 August, 2020

Section of Boscobel road blocked amid protest over police shooting

Residents of Gully Road in Boscobel, St Mary have blocked a section of the main road over the fatal shooting of a man by police on Wednesday night. 

The victim, who has only been identified by his alias "Blessed", was shot and killed by police officers after allegedly pulling an illegal gun at lawmen during an attempt to arrest him. 

The residents used their bodies to block the main road, causing a huge traffic pile up and leaving motorists stranded. 

The Boscobel main road connects St Ann and St Mary.

Thousands of people who work in the garden parish of St Ann and St Mary and also school children are among those stranded.

Some people, who are among the brave, have managed to cross the roadblock to access vehicles on either side of the blockage to get their destination.

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