Monday 28 September, 2020

SEBI Pitch for Purpose: Deaf Can Coffee proves the deaf can do it all

According to Missionary Seth Kaeb, "Deaf Can! Coffee exists to affirm young people in their identity as a Deaf person and as someone made in the image of God. Success is defined as young men and women accepting themselves, believing in their inherent gifts and talents, taking responsibility for their future and becoming a leader in their families, communities and careers. We are an outreach of HarvestCall Jamaica, a not-for-profit organization founded to obey God and love others".

Over the past year, Deaf Can! Coffee has succeeded in providing employment for Deaf Youth through the E3 Café and its expanding product line.

“Our social problem  is really two fold ; the general society incorrectly views deaf people as people that cant! Because of that deaf people lack opportunity to work learn and to be included in their communities. Our Mission is to engage and advocate in order to inspire Jamaicans to believe that the Deaf can. We also want to equip the deaf youths to believe in themselves and there natural abilities.”

Kaeb added that with the $1million development award, the Deaf Can! team will purchase a more reliable bus to expand their mobile operation.

"The bus we have currently can’t hold all of our equipment and limits us from going out of town. We believe that the message of deaf can is not only applicable first to the island of Jamaica and to the Caribbean. The first step in doing that is the new bus,“ Kaeb said.

“We want deaf youths through-out Jamaica to believe in themselves and their own abilities and we want the Jamaican public to view the deaf just as they would any other person who can contribute to society. Deaf people aren’t disabled they just communicate in a different way from everyone else," he added.

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