Tuesday 7 July, 2020

Trini promoter threatens legal action against Bounty Killer

Bounty Killer (right) and Beenie Man

Bounty Killer (right) and Beenie Man

Scorch Limited is threatening legal action following a claim from dancehall star Bounty Killer that he was not paid to engage in a clash with Beenie Man at the Guinness Fully Loaded concert in the twin island republic on Saturday night.

Scorch was the promoter of the event.

In a release responding to Bounty Killer's claims on Instagram, Scorch said the singer's engagement was governed by the terms of an ‘Artiste Engagement Contract dated December 16, 2016 and presented to Scorch Limited by the artiste’s management company.

Under the terms of the Contract, Scorch Limited was to have paid a particular sum of money, which was not revealed, to the artiste’s management company in exchange for a maximum of 60 minutes of musical presentation with band provided by the promoter for a collaborative performance with Beenie Man. 

A redacted copy of the contract sent to Loop confirms Scorch's claims.

Scorch said in fulfilment of its obligations under the contract, Scorch Limited made the required payments to the artiste’s management company and ensured material compliance with all other aspects of its commitments under the Contract. 

"In the circumstances, Scorch Limited rejects the suggestion that it did not meet its financial commitment to the artiste as is being alleged in various social media outlets, presumably by the artiste himself. Scorch Limited further calls upon the Artiste to explain in the public domain how he was unaware that the terms of his engagement involved his requirement to perform with the other Jamaican Dancehall Artiste with whom he shared top billing, since this was an express term of the Contract presented by his management company," Scorch said.
Scorch Limited said it prides itself on producing, presenting and promoting top-quality entertainment events for the public while employing the most professional commercial conduct in the course of its dealings with all third parties involved.

"Scorch Limited takes umbrage to any suggestion that its conduct was less than professional in this instance and will consider all legal options available to it, in an effort to restore its exceptional reputation within the entertainment industry."

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