Friday 3 July, 2020

Schoolmate founders add plenty of toppings to Yeaah Dawg business

Left to right: Stephen Reid and Sheldon Whyte, Yeaah Dawg founders.

Left to right: Stephen Reid and Sheldon Whyte, Yeaah Dawg founders.

Stephen Reid and Sheldon Whyte are making big on their hot dog cart business concept, Yeaah Dawg.

Featured at events put on by corporate companies, the team is now offering catering services for other events such as birthday parties and barbecues.

Yeaah Dawg is now looking to purchase additional carts to meet the demand for its products.

According to Whyte, the focus is reinvesting in the business to ensure growth.

“Though it delays profit share, it ensures that expansion can take place quickly. For example, we can purchase a new cart every quarter,” he said.

The former marketers turned Yeaah Dawg founders, initially wanted to own a cart from one of the popular local companies that offered franchising opportunities, but opted to develop their own concept in order to have more control of the business and put their creativity to work.

For instance, Yeaah Dawgs hotdogs feature Jamaican flavours, with toppings dubbed “Plantain Paradise”; “Pineapple Inferno”; “Chip N Dip”; and “Chilli Salsa.”

Yeaah Dawg is set to introduce additional flavours for the upcoming carnival season.

According to Reid, the company’s aim is to be inventive and as such, “are always testing new flavours and listening to feedback from customers.”

In fact, a future goal of the company is to manufacture toppings and sauces and sell to local restaurants.

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